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Re: Platinum

Youth Hockey Observer
Any Platinum Team that does any plane trip is plain stupid!! There are plenty of Tournaments that you can drive to in NE, NY and Montreal. The problem is too many coaches are living there kids dream and if the parents don't go along with it, you get blackballed by the coach!!
Your kid probably wasnt good enough for Platinum or you were a problem parent? Fair question right?

Re: Platinum

What if the coach just says “these are the tournaments this year” without any parent input or vote?

Re: Platinum

This has to be the 2012 Top Gun team he is talking about. My kid plays baseball with kids from that team. They are missing about a month of school this year to go winless in tournaments way over the kids heads and the parents are not happy. They had no say in the tournaments.

Re: Platinum

No surprise here. Just another coach living his kids dream and running his team like it’s the Junior Bruins!