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Re: 2010 Islanders

Just getting around to this, you spend all this money on a Wheels Up membership, and they send you a plane that the wifi doesn't work on. Great.... It was disappointing to see this, but what's funnier is that PHC played the goalie MF cut versus the goalie that IHC cut against IHC! At the rate those pucks used to go in in practice & games last year, that wasn't much of surprise. was time to move on from all of those kids (and families) and we wish them all the best down in North Smithfield. You've never seen meth until you've been to a gas station down there. Our driver did a tour in Fallujah and felt safer there.

Re: 2010 Islanders

What a piece of **** comment this was.

Re: 2010 Islanders

That is a reply obviously from the former coach who got fired mid season a couple years ago. His kid still plays there and he has had it in for all existing families. What a miserable person.