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Re: Winchester Girls Ice hockey Coach

Are you kidding me with this post. This has to be Seabury posting ad himself.

The coach you are speaking of threw a clip board at one of his players in the locker room.

The Winchester parents filed a petition to have him fired because he was abusive.

He called the girls ******* *****es on the bench.

He called his players worthless and sn embarrassment.

He showed up to SPAGS when not invited.

He had never completed a coaching module for USAHockey.

He has never registered on USA hockey as a coach.

Coach Seabury should never be allowed to coach again and any school that does allow this is saying that the coach is more important than the girls thru are coaching.

Coach Seabury is a disgrace as a coach and is a disgrace to the sport of hockey.
HS coaches do not fall under USA Hockey. its NFHS.

Re: Winchester Girls Ice hockey Coach

NEWS FLASH: Seabury just hired as Wellesely coach. The Wells parents were kept out of the hiring loop as the Athletic Director Brown dropped the ball with getting a highly qualified woman coach (there were several amazing women that applied). Seabury won’t coach a day in Wellesley. You don’t get fired from a girl’s coaching job for being abusive (fired from Winchester, abusive at HNIB, and rejected from Shawshwen Tech last month) to land another coaching job. He can keep bouncing around looking for a new gig but he can’t hide. The hockey network is strong, people talk, and the need for parents to ensure that their girls are in a safe environment is even stronger. Seabury, if you’re reading this..don’t bother getting sized for your Wellesley Raiders coach’s jacket as you’re not gonna need it. Buh Bye Loser. Maybe you can jump on the bench and coach a mens league game at 11PM Sunday nights in Saugus. BOOOOOM