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Boston Herald Top 10 (1/19/16)

1. BC HIGH (8-0-2, LW 3) – Like with our girls rankings, it’s more like a 1A and 1B between BC High and MC at this point. The win against St. John’s Prep is our tiebreaker, for now.

2. MALDEN CATHOLIC (6-1-2, LW 2) – But you know certain people are watching the Lancers’ ranking very closely.

3. ST. JOHN’S PREP (6-1-3, LW 1) – Hard to penalize the shorthanded Eagles too much for the loss to BC High, but don’t forget they also have yet to win a Catholic Conference game.

4. AUSTIN PREP (8-1-1, LW 5) – With a six-game win streak, the Cougars get a bit of a bump this week.

5. POPE FRANCIS (8-1-2, LW 4) – Despite the “tie” with Catholic Memorial, the Cardinals bounced back and captured the championship of the annual Nate Nickerson Invitational.

6. ST. MARY’S (11-1-0, LW 7) – Huge upcoming stretch in the next week-plus with Arlington Catholic, BC High and Austin Prep on the docket.

The wild cards

7. Winchester (8-1-1, LW 8); 8. Braintree (8-0-2; LW 9); 9. Chelmsford (8-1-2; LW 10); 10. Burlington (6-1-2, LW NR).