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Re: Why not ditch the Super 8

The MIAA gets the gate. That is why the football playoffs start in October. It is all about creating marquis games and generating more money!!

Re: Why not ditch the Super 8

But think of the $ they would generate with a D-1 public and a private tournament and a head-to-head game.

Re: Why not ditch the Super 8

Historically the Catholic schools don't bring in a large gate. They don't travel well. Public schools bring in huge amounts of fans including alums. By having move Catholic Schools playing Public School games, you get to create the David v Goliath matchups!

Re: Why not ditch the Super 8 Who can forget the Franklin thriller win over Xaverian last year. The winning goal, and it's aftermath, captures the essence of high school hockey.

Re: Why not ditch the Super 8

I think the problem is it ends up being a Goliath vs. Goliath match up too often.

If you were from another state and you saw a Super 8 program where a school like Reading High with approximately 650 boys or Hingham with 500 boys all from one town which is basically one ZIP Code was expected to play against a team from a high school like BCH with their 1,600 boys and a team consisting of kids from 20 different towns/ZIP Codes you would think the system is flawed as hell.

Why not a Public Tourney and a Private Tourney and either a Public vs. Private winner game or a Public All-star Team vs. the Private winner? Talk about a huge draw on both fronts!