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Re: Mass H.S. Rankings Feb. 9

The best a public could do is be mentioned as a 'wild Card' chance of making it?

How much proof do you need to show how out-dated the Super 8 is? 6-7 Catholic Schools, 3-4 token publics for the crowds they bring in, toss 2 of the publics in the play-in round, toss the other public and maybe on Catholic in the first round and an all Catholic final. Yawn.

Re: Mass H.S. Rankings Feb. 9

Sour grapes. So what if the Catholics have:

- The ability to recruit kids from a wide geographic area
- Hire & Pay the coaches any amount they want
- Field a team of kids that repeated a grade in order to play hockey
- Get the kids to play together for summer tournaments
- Get the kids to play on the same fall club teams
- Attract more kids due to the coaches ability to land college deals

It's all equal in the MIAA's eyes.