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Re: Marketing the kid -

I like his approach. He sends you all of the contact info for all of the college and Jr. teams and you pick where you want to take it and you initiate contact. This might be a great tool for H.S. and Prep coaches DO SOMETHING pro-active for once. My son just sat back and waited for them to come to him and it was a bit strange to see other kids at other school getting attention and wondering why.

If my son was a freshmen or Sophomore and wanted to play after H.S. I'd give this program a shot.

This guy is a clown. He couldn't market his own under pants let alone a hockey player. Parents don't fall for this scam.

Re: Marketing the kid -

Not sure why you would say' he couldn't market a hockey player' when his whole pitch is to show people how to market the kid....he doesn't do it for you, he merely lays out the time-line, the process and the contacts.