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Re: Reading H.S.

So what's this talk about a tough schedule? They beat Archies & X, tied AP maybe their signature win was beating Hingham another non-Super 8 team.

Good but only D-1 North worthy.

Re: Reading H.S.

Last night's game against BCH was called an *Exclusionary Game for Reading*

What does that mean? It doesn't count? Is it like a scrimmage?...

a team can elect (at the beginning of the year) under certain circumstances to 'exclude' a game from their record. it does not count against (or for) them for tournament seeding purposes.

it is not a scrimmage because the results do effect the opponent (its an exclusion for only one team).

why do it? the intent is allow 'lower' teams to challenge 'upper' teams without hurting their tournament chances. its a good way to judge your team while allows upper teams to fill their schedule (yes, to get those points to qualify).

Re: Reading H.S.

Thanks, good explanation. It seems like just another rule adjustment put in place to continue the charade known as the Super 8.

Re: Reading H.S.

Reading missed the tournament last year for the first time in awhile and I think by 1 point, I'm sure this is why they used the exclusion