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RI HS Hockey

Maybe RI can play MA JV teams next year. Jokers....

Franklin beats the once mighty Mount twice this year. The same Franklin that tied Plymouth South and KP and losses to Canton. Way to red white and blue. What's the excuse this year????

Re: RI HS Hockey

Maybe MSC can play CM and all wear throwback uni's just for old time sake

Re: RI HS Hockey

Not much depth at Mount. They are in trouble next few years

Re: RI HS Hockey

The Preps have taken any of the talent out of RI High Schools. Same thing is happening in MA and CT. RI has fallen faster due to impact on the relatively fewer schools and smaller pool pf players to draw from then MA and CT.

Re: RI HS Hockey

Mounts and hendrickens top lines can hang with any mass schools. After that it's game over.