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Hingham / Burlington

Its time, we all know it end this having any private schools in D1...St MARYS AND AC should be in the Private School Tourney (s8)...d1 final 4 should be Hingham v Arlington...Burlington v Reading...those are top 4 publics in state!...feel for seniors from both those Bingham and Burlington, almost zero chance to win even a game in their senior year

Re: Hingham / Burlington

Agreed. It's time the MIAA stops the charade of simply using the publics for the big draw at the door. The privates operate differently, often have more kids to pull from (like BCH with 1,600 boys), recruit heavily for middle school kids, play together throughout the summer & fall, have a better record placing kids on college teams. . .

Publics should just refuse to be part of the Private School Championship.