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Re: Is repeating still a thing?

My son will be repeating 8th grade this year, along with 5 other kids on the team. I think it gives him another year to mature. I'd rather him do it now than later.

Exactly , it is more about maturity and grades . We kept our son back this past year in 8th grade , nothing to do with hockey , has an August birthday and is young for his grade . Now one of the oldest and on honor roll , much more mature as well for this current grade .

Did you not know this when he was entering kindergarten 8 years ago? Or was he not a good enough skater back then?

They did know then. It was just that their family advisor thought it would be better to wait to repeat in 8th grade as opposed to Kindergarten.

Re: Is repeating still a thing?

Seems like the kid is taking one for the high school coach as this just burns a year of juniors the kid could play - which for the kid is more important than another year of high school.


Re: Is repeating still a thing?

Seriously people???!!! You are going to keep your kid back in school in 8th grade for HOCKEY???!!! I don't care who you think your kid is, unless you are going into this knowing that your kid will not be drafted by an NHL team and will not be playing D1 hockey in college, you are doing it wrong. If your kid does happen to make a D1 college or gets drafted, then it's a bonus. Keeping a kid out of high school for an extra year because the high school coach suggests it is stupid.