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Stay with your high school or leave???

This post appeared on a different thread but I think it's worth sharing.

Dec 20, 2016 - 9:58AM

I agree somewhat. I've seen it go various ways at the high school level. One case the kids should have stayed; another case the kid should have gone and another the kid stayed and it made no difference.

A couple kids who are very good players get sold a bill of goods from a nearby prep school coach and they make the jump. They sign-up and do a repeat year. The coach uses them to win plenty of games and to support his star player and then really doesn't do anything for them to get to the next level. The kids' junior team contacts are few, they've already fallen for their repeat year for the prep coach so the clock is ticking and once they graduate from the prep school they are scrambling trying to find a D-3 school that will take them. Would it have been different had they stayed at their local high school and found a junior team to take then at 18 years old? I can't imagine it would have been (not to mention the $75-$80k they blew supporting the team's star player).

Another kid shows up as a highly touted player his freshman year, being looked at seriously at the national level having played on top peewee & bantam teams but decides to stay at the local high school. Plays all four years but never improves. Develops bad habits, survives bad coaching, systems coaches employ are not in touch with today's game, plays with little discipline and plays well enough but never develops into a dominate player even at the high school level...many of us scouting the kid come to the conclusion the kid is worse as a senior than he was as a freshmen. He graduates at 18 and has limited options and goes off to college.

Another kid is a classic 'late bloomer' who stays with the high school, does everything the coaches ask of him, plays in the off season for some good coaches and good programs and finally gets ice time as a junior.
The kid grows into his frame and becomes one of the better local players and helps his high school win a lot of games. High school coaches have no idea and do nothing to help the kid after high school - in fact one of his coaches told me "stay away from my players!" The kid graduates at 18 and three or four of the better local junior teams are calling including a couple USHL teams and a couple Canadian junior teams based upon his play and his club team contacts. Kid isn't interested and decides to move onto college to study with no real interest in playing more hockey.

What I've learned is every kid is different and every case is different. Some should stay and some should go.

Re: Stay with your high school or leave???

But, it's in a separate thread on the SAME board. I can understand reposting it if it were on the Kiddie Board so it doesn't get lost ion all the '05 / Cape Cod nonsense, but there's no reason to start a separate thread. There are other posts that go along with iut, starting a separate thread denies others the context of the other posts.

Go to the MC/Delbarton thread instead.