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Re: Hingham / Winchester

They kind of show how far high school hockey has fallen in recent years. A top 10 team with only a few hockey players and all the others are just athletic second or third sport kids playing hockey for fun.

Quite honestly, this is what public school hockey has turned into, even some of the Catholics. You wonder how long schools will continue to pay for the ice time? You see it now in both MA & NH, schools don't have enough kids to play for their own school, so now you see co-op teams between two schools.

Re: Hingham / Winchester

It might take a generation or so to watch it decline in meaningful numbers but I think due to the local passion for hockey it will live but kids who want to play at a serious level will leave for Juniors and it might all end-up looking like D-2 or D-3 hockey filled with football players and LaxBros.

Re: Hingham / St. Mary's

Hingham spanked them 8-0? Was it that dominate or was it a leaking goalie? Maybe looking at a possible Public School D-I champ?

Not if they played like they did against St Marys.....pitiful.

Heard from some parents that the brainiac Hingham coaches threw in a 5:00am skate (what a 4:00am wake-up call to be on the ice by 5:00?) between the MC and St. Mary's game. Old school = stupid school.