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Re: IHDB MA Top 10 1/16/17

What about Walpole?

Re: IHDB MA Top 10 1/16/17

What about Walpole?

As soon as they actually play a team higher than squirts, let us know.

Re: IHDB MA Top 10 1/16/17

Why would a coach care? He gets to talk about an undefeated season and that's more meaningful than talking about whether they got blown out in the 2nd or 3rd playoff game.

I just can't believe some of the local h.s. hockey writers like Jim Clark take them seriously and list them in the top 10-15 or as a team to watch. What is he watching? Oh, nevermind he has not seen them play.

I'm positive there are teams out there that will take a game or even a scrimmage; come on coach let's see what you've got.

Re: IHDB MA Top 10 1/16/17

The fat little guy won't do it. Look out though, they have KP tonight! Real big threat.

Re: IHDB MA Top 10 1/16/17

Best bet is if Walpole competes in the D1 tourney . They would not do well in Super 8 based on competition alone. Their regular season record is great but not playing any Catholics or top Publics will only hurt them if they get voted into Super 8. Arlington and Hingham play them so will earn a Super 8 bid.

Re: IHDB MA Top 10 1/16/17

Look up the hingham or Reading or Burlington or Arlington coaches emails on the Mass H.S. hockey website and forward them to the coach and have him schedule a scrimmage. At least you can see what you up against.

Plus it's in the interest of the program to start scheduling better games to build the program and keep kids at the H.S. as more junior teams come asking for checks.

Re: IHDB MA Top 10 1/16/17

Actually that CC goalie isn't much better than Starbucks.

Fowards can only score 2 goals on a division TWO team LS. Methuen can score 7 .