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06 level moves

Who has the intel on movement between the 06 teams? Are Islanders 06 gearing up for the Q only to blow up like the 05's did this year? 06 Advantage blowing up, Patriots are status quo. Any word on the VJW 06 team? And whats up with the 06 Eagles? Good team, but losing on a regular basis. Jr. Terriers are a ? mark. Of course Flames rule all for the time being.

Re: 06 level moves

Lot of moving around in the works. Of course the Bandit/Breakers is the big thing. Heard BA losing a few studs to EHF teams. AVP picking up a stud player from EHF. Flames seem to be status quo, depending on what the IHC does. Saying that, heard IHC picked up 2 players from E9 teams. Have heard nothing on VJW and Seacoast teams. Seacoast has a player that could be the best in either league. Lets go people, spill the beans!