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HS Dropouts

Why do all the U18 full season teams practice so early in the afternoons? Don't these kids go to school? I see a lot of 99s on the rosters, so these kids aren't yet even 18. Can't have graduated.

Anybody know a U18 FS team that practices in the evening?

Re: HS Dropouts

Set up schedule to have last period off.

Re: HS Dropouts

Set up schedule to have last period off.
Wow, gee, I would have never thought of that on my own!

Not every HS in America ends their academic day at 2:00.

Re: HS Dropouts

We the kiddie teams take the later ice so parents can get them to the rink. Not sure if jr. teams are used just to eat up early ice or kiddie teams are used to off set the cost of jr. teams.....