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Re: Outdated 'systems' -

I love the outdated systems old coaches still play. Some are still encouraging kids to throw the puck away and go for the old 'dump & chase.'

A few years ago I watched a top h.s. team play and when a defensemen would attempt to work the puck out of their own zone the coaches would lose it. Benching kids for D-to-D passing and instead yell at them to bang it off of the glass just to get it out of their zone.

Last night I watched the same team, same coaches and the kids were all about puck control, passing, working the puck out of their zone, forwards working to get open, stretch passes.... and I asked one of the more knowledgeable parents what happened, why the change. He told me a couple years ago the players decided to dump the coach's old preferred 'system' mid-season and they instituted their own style of play that they play on their off-season team(s). Let's just say they have greatly improved and it appears the coaches are much more quiet on the bench.

Good for the kids. The game evolves.

The dump and chase works f'ing great.

Re: Outdated 'systems' -

Bang it off the glass and chase...find a stray puck and throw it on net....your Daddy's hockey.

Re: Outdated 'systems' -

There are times to go high and out, times to carry it out, times to hit your wing on the boards, times to let the center move it up the middle and times to reverse and exploit the weak side. Having a solid/ experienced D Core will use their judgement to play the situation- good coaching and situational play in practice helps. Experience, maturity and skill don't hurt- But it's the game that teaches the game.