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Re: Updated Super Eight Watchlist

So are all the anti-Walpole people going to give them any positive feedback if they do in fact play and beat a "good" team? Braintree is still involved in the super 8 discussion yet they lost to Walpole as well as all the "good" teams they played. I guess when a team scores the most goals, gives up the fewest, and has the most shutouts in the state, they should only be allowed to play the school for the blind.

They won't. Braintree isn't that good, nor is Framingham. No one from this conference made it to the semi-finals last season, even though they submitted half the teams.
Stats are great, but again, put it in relation to who they played.
I agree that they may get a play-in due to going undefeated, but they will lose, go down to D1, make a run for a few rounds, then get bounced when they face the good teams.

Re: Updated Super Eight Watchlist

R.P.I. must also take into account the blow-outs...extra points for lopsided victories.