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Re: Herald Super 8

Yeah many catholic parents have a bit of resentment toward the good publics. Heck, many times they're paying almost state college tuition to get their kid onto a better hockey team, out of a bad school district and often at a reduced level of academics relative to many of the public schools. Seriously, I'd think some of them would be money ahead by just moving to a district that has better academics and better hockey.

Re: Herald Super 8

Seems to me like the public schools have closed the gap a bit on all the catholic schools creating a lot more parity across the whole landscape. Why is that a bad thing? I watched Arlington beat marshfield 3-2 the other night in what I thought was a very well played hockey game by two very good public programs. Seems like this discussion board is full of catholic school alumni who think their high schools need to be elitist and stuck up just like themselves

I think it's the opposite , the Catholics and Preps have fallen down a notch closer to the publics . I believe that is the direction it's going with all the Junior and full season teams and it is only going to get worse .

Re: Herald Super 8

Agree. I think you're both kind of saying the same thing.