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Re: E9 Prep League

Do I understand that they will have full season U18 teams involved in this. Maybe to counter USPHL or am I on the wrong track?
Kinda hard to tell. Lovell teams have half season and full season - which team is it? It says it's a "Prep League," which tells me half season only, that they will play a couple of showcases to supplement schedule.

Re: E9 Prep League

This looks pretty good actually.

Re: E9 Prep League

This looks pretty good actually.
Most of these teams played in a showcase last Labor Day up at Icenter. Probably decided they didn't want to deal with that crappy rink and would put their own showcases together.

Re: E9 Prep League

Warriors have been dwindling for years. EHL will be gone soon.

Re: E9 Prep League

Sounds like jealousy from a "premier" league with very bad midget hockey

also sounds like more disarray at the top as well, another spin job press release coming??????