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Re: True cost of NCDC

Does anyone know the true cost to play this new league? They claim free but have heard rumors of a lot of fees?

You would know if your kid was involved. Sorry he got cut.

Noone gets cut from USPHL. Write a check, you get a jersey. No its not free.
No Junior hockey is free. Even Tier 1 and 2 (tuition free Juniors if your kid is truly 13 and you're still learning the ins and outs), if your kid has to billet will cost the average family over $10K in team camps, his travel and out-of-pocket living expenses, and your travel to see him play.

NCDC fees, whatever they end up being, are still a rumor at this stage, nothing substantiated. It'll still end up being way less out of pocket, no matter what, by being local. Will the hockey be any good? We won't know until the season starts, and probably need to give them a year or two before we know what it is.

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