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Re: United Hockey Union

Surprised in all the vitriolic debate no one has brought up the UHU, the rival sanctioning org to USA Hockey run by the AAU. They sanction a Tier II level Junior league, the Western States Hockey League, as well as several Tier III level Junior leagues in the US and Canada. They are trying to get a tuition free Tier I level league going.

Like the NCDC, the WSHL isn't able to depend on gate and sponsors. They address the funding issue by still charging tuition.

Unlike the NCDC, the WSHL wasn't rejected by USA Hockey. They left. On their own.

wshl was smart enough to know that USA Hockey wouldn't sanction them as Tier II. It decided to link on with AAU. It sure isn't Tier2 talent in that league. Should have stuck with USA Hockey. NCDC will probably learn the same lesson.
They left USAH in 2011, didn't start Tier II until 2015. You can't judge anything after just a couple of years - - or zero years.

Whats the point? Left in 2011. Still not any better.

Compare commitments from each league. It is not even close.

Looks like a lot of D3 in both

It's mostly club commitments

Wise move to leave USA Hockey