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Pics New Website

Check out the Springfield Pics new website!
Lots of organizational changes also, going to be a great year!

Re: Pics New Website

Take a breath big fella..its still the Springfield Pics..Same players, 95% same coaches, but nice web design. Lets see if they can turn a new website into a competitive season?

Re: Pics New Website

Did they drop their U16 Futures team?

Re: Pics New Website

^^Yes, Gone

Re: Pics New Website

Pics will be managed better now that PT is out of the picture. RB still has to deal with the scheduling nightmare that is the Olympia. Team is in the B league thanks to PT being a not good at his job.

The elite players will continue to travel east and play for the JR Bruins and the Pics will keep pulling in the scraps.

Sad what it is now.

Re: Pics New Website

^^Yes, Gone

Re: Pics New Website

Team, program, rink all suck! Thats a fact, Jack