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Re: USHL Talent

Odd question as it may be just dboard banter but yes there is plenty of USHL talent in prep level. Most of the time the kids will stay in Prep for 4 years then go to USHL after graduation before heading off to college.

What about at the Catholics level, any USHL talent there in recent years?

There is some USHL level talent sprinkled in high school hockey over the past few years but it either has gone the way of - leave the high school team the kid's sophomore year and go to a full season team (so the high school gets no credit) or

the kid is late to the radar and plays out his high school career and gets a late offer to go to the USHL (and there again it's pretty much ignored that he was a h.s. player locally).

Realistically, unless the kid is a noticeably good player AND he makes contacts & gestures that he is interested in moving out to the Midwest the local scouts won't bother trying to talk them into going. Personally I don't think the attempts of the USPHL in getting on the radar has helped the cause for kids in this area in getting recruited to play in the higher league.
Ummm, well, you may be right, but the NCDC is less than a month old. Kinda hard to say what it is and isn't, and how many kids will be able to step up to Tier I Juniors.

Re: USHL Talent

Lots of prep players from last year putting up points this weekend in Pittsburgh.