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Mass Selects in trouble?

What happened to this league? Used to be the place to play. Watched a game the other day. Awful. Overheard a few dads saying the CC Whalers we’re leaving at year end. Possibly Northstars as well. Would they follow the Rats and head to that new Prep Showcase league?

Re: Mass Selects in trouble?

Yes. Whalers leaving to head to e9 Prep. Competition terrible. Not sure on other teams.

Re: Mass Selects in trouble?

Joins River Rats, NH Avs, Yale, Rifles. Will be good competition for them.

Hopefully can still play Little Bruins, GBL Bruins, and EM Senators in showcases.

Will probably join Beast Series.

Re: Mass Selects in trouble?

Would that mean no state tournament for them. Or is E9 becoming affiliated with Mass hockey?

Re: Mass Selects in trouble?

Still eligible for state tournament.

Re: Mass Selects in trouble?

correct. program dictates it, assuming they play the right number of tier 1 eligible games.