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Re: U16 Full Season

BA a down year for this age group. Lots of stiffs on that team. BA great at u18 and u15, same for Giants.
I would look at the USPHL too. League is getting stronger and deeper top to bottom. U18 division teams have fared well against some of the Preps and nationally ranked teams. Seems like the opportunity to play NCDC has pulled in a lot of better players. U18 typically does not get the high end kids who are opting for Juniors but still seems like a good option for those next tier kids where Prep is not a good fit ( $$, Academics, Etc)

Re: U16 Full Season

Interesting discussion I had recently. I have an 03. Good, not great, meaning, elite player, but not stepping into ISL and making major impact as a frosh. Deciding on prep or FS next year. Had a conversation with a local college coach this week. His recommendation was U16 FS over rising pine at prep or playing at local public. Actually recommends any good public player heading club route and not staying in public. Says stay club and either get money for prep or just stay club. Feels it’s the future.