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Re: Whalers U18s Nat

Eagles did great.. didn\\\'t win a game. I guess thats the point of previous comments. The best kids, those with commits, should win games espentially against peers.
Eagles kids have played together since they were 5. You would think they could put the puck in the net by now. They skate in circles beautifully but can only ever score against bad teams. Don\'t think any of their players would actually do anything if they were put on a line with new kids. Look at their performances in National Camps as evidence of that. They\'ve gone to such extremes to keep skating together that most of them play for St. Sebs, another team that can\'t score against good competition! All of their commits more goes to show the power of packaging and connected coaches in youth hockey than the kids\' actual skill levels.
Dude, really? Obviously you have an agenda. Why don't you just change the name of this thread to "Let's s@*t All Over the Eagles" and be done with it. Sorry your kid got cut.