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Re: Good Luck!

Yes. There is some truth to what you've posted. Me being a fan of Town Hockey would agree with many of your points. However I will say this, as long as your son has his sights set on a low level D-2 or D-3 high school program there should be nothing to worry about.

As for making one of the Catholic Conference teams or a higher end D-I program I think you can expect him home a bit early tonight. Maybe a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken and the email address for the indoor track team coach and he will be all set.

Thanks for the question,


Re: Good Luck!

Thanks Jim. Sure a few teardrops were shed but you know what? That Original Recipe is still very, very good.

Re: Good Luck!

Jim Clark
Jim Clark‏


Officially Monday after Thanksgiving. Good luck to all HS hockey players on your first morning practices/late skates/everything in between.
Hi Jim,

We had an esteemed poster here that once insisted that nothing from Mites until today at 3pm counted towards my child's hockey development. Absolutely nothing mattered until high school hockey tryouts started.

Didn't matter where he played
How he played
Who coached him
Private coaching
Power skating
Weight training
Select touneys
level of competition
sports performance

So my question is, my son might try out if he can find his skates and the majority of his gear by the end of school. Should I expect 2nd line? He skated E9 select in 2004 and spent most of his summers on the lake. Will there be hittin' tonight?

Ben Derr

This is gold Jerry, gold.