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Re: Great BC High Hockey tweet -

BC High Hockey‏
Dec 3

\\\"Great experience this weekend hearing from college coaches about recruitment process, admissions standards, college hockey at the various levels and what it takes to get there. Exposing the boys to all their options.\\\"

So, does your high school coach bring in college coaches to open a dialog? What teams do this? I\\\'d say 99.9% of them don\\\'t!

First, kudo\'s to the whomever brought them in, coach, AD, parent, I don\'t care, great job. IMO, it\'s not the coach\'s job to set up a seminar like this, that responsibility should fall to the AD\'s, they are the full time employees. In addition to education on the recruitment process, etc. for hockey (because it is truly unique amongst college sports), they should be holding seminars for all athletes on social media and it\'s role in the recruitment process, it can be pretty eye opening for teens.
Why are you assuming they were brought in? Could have been a seminar at a tournament.

My kid attended a seminar with the USHL put together by the league during the Playoffs in MN. Team played no role. Coach's role was to tell players it was mandatory.
good point, although no scrimmage was posted.

we had a local D1 (women's) coach watch our practice then chat with the team. Never seen them hang on every word for the 30 odd minutes he spoke. Even discussed what turns them off.

Re: Great BC High Hockey tweet -

"Junior scouts from the USHL arent going to Reading or south shore team games."

They do when there is a kid or two they're interested in or as a favor to someone. I remember one high school game I was at and there were 3-4 USHL guys there to see the kid of a hockey east assistant coach. The kid kind of blew but they were there.