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Re: Framingham / Hingham

So if the premier public school hockey teams are horrible - what are the options. $40k-$50k at a prep school? $15-25k at a CC school? What if you have 3 kids - looking at $100-500k investment for high school hockey? Yes, I know the elite kids get the prep $$$$, but what about the kids that mature late and develop at 16? If public high school hockey is horribe, and you dont have the $$$ for prep - I guess you hang them up and focus on another sport?
That is exactly how/why lacrosse is taking off. No huge annual bill, equipment is cheap and doesn't wear out, no hugely expensive club teams, more college programs with more roster spots, no two years of juniors and about 15 other good money saving reasons to dump hockey. And oh, fewer concussions and assorted medical bills and oh, no freezing your tush off sitting indoors in an ice box and oh....and oh....and oh....

Re: Framingham / Hingham

I once heard the guy that runs Pilgrim say it was a "state of the art facility." I think he was serious.
You have to get to Cape Cod before you find a decent youth hockey rink on the south shore.

Re: Framingham / Hingham

Framingham made it to D1 finals last year and they were's only getting worse!

Re: Framingham / Hingham

Sometimes the roster turns over in high school hockey