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Re: C.C. Rolls / Down goes The Pope!

The point is he is only willing to develop the players who pay him $3,000 per year to attend his private training and coincidentally those are the same kids who make one of 3 teams at Central Catholic, most of those kids will never see the ice in a varsity game. Wake up, you’re lucky if 2 out of every 100 kids go on to play college hockey but this guy and others just like him have parents chasing a ghost! These coaches need to start helping kids because it is their job not a way to line their pockets.
Go grind your ax somewhere else. Dynamic's Max Hockey has way more prep kids than CC and MC kids combined, and they don't make any promises - because they have nothing to promise. JMcL, KB and TF knew where my kid was going to go. That didn't mean they didn't give him 110% of their effort.

You know the kids that get shorted? The ones whose dads are dicks.

Guess what that makes you?