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Re: X

X is a football school...and it looks like CM is becoming one too.

Re: X

pretty obvious it's a football-first school (when they're not having their ass handed to them by Everett)

Good education though.

Re: X

Xaverian vs. St Johns Prep (This will be a loss)

Catholic Memorial vs. Xaverian (This will be a loss)

Xaverian vs. Malden Catholic (This will be a loss)

Xaverian vs. Marshfield (This will be a loss)

Westford Academy vs. Xaverian (We might win)

Xaverian vs. Barnstable (We might win)

Xaverian vs. Framingham (We might win)

This has been a great season boys! See you at the banquet:joy:

Re: X

My god coach the passing was awful and the PP. Also can someone explain why you are carrying 4 goalies. Holy crap!

Re: X

Probably to free up his assistant coaches from working the doors so they could chirp the officials. What a yappy bench!