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The MIAA looked at it last Spring (going to 17 minute periods), and it was not passed. The ADs were not in favor - cost, ice time, etc. I believe the discussion is somewhere in the MIAA minutes.


The schools don't want to spend the money for Officials.

Officials Game fees are $82... For years the game fee went up $2/ year. About 10 years ago the MIAA slowed that increment down. If they kept it up game fees would be $96-$100 right now. Which would be in line with CT, ME, NH, etc.

With a 51 minute game vs 45 min game. (16% increase in time would equal 16% increase in pay to the refs) Game fee of $95 instead of $82. They pay the football refs more on Thanksgiving. Hockey is the weak sister as far as the MIAA is concerned. The Volleyball Tourney games get 4 officials while the opening rounds of the MIAA Hockey get 2 refs.... really- volleyball gets 4 !!!!

HS Hockey used to be a great spot to Officiate. Now, it pays better to ref 2 or 3 Select games on a Saturday than a HS or College Linesman spot. I know of Officials that do not work HS any more (or college) because youth pays better, closer to home and (if you are good) it is much easier to work.

BTW- Games don't take 2 hrs to play anymore. The line changes have sped up the game... 17 min periods can get done in 2 hrs time. Each team has a different agreement with their rink also. Some teams don't pay for game ice and the rink takes the gate.


Easy fix. Just get an auctioneer to do the starting lineups and the anthem.


Post of the year.


Dilly dilly!


Minnesota is doing it. They've proposed staring the season earlier to add extra games and increase period length from 17min to 20min. An effort to keep top kids from leaving.
17 or 20 minute period of Div 3 or 3A hockey would be torture! Could you imagine, it would be a tight 11-8 game with 25 penalties, a few misconducts and kids passing out from exhaustion. Bad for hockey. Should consider 13 minute periods if anything.