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Too many games?

My sons 10U team has 50 scheduled games and skates 2 lines. My son has been played 50 plus game seasons last 2 years but many others have not and are checking out. 3 - 4 games a weekend have been counterproductive for our team... great athletes - good hockey players and physically and emotionally drained.

Re: Too many games?

Your math doesn't work. The season is 6+ months long. 50 / 26 = 1.92 games per week on average. Meaning, for every weekend he has 3 - 4 he has a weekend where he has none, which is time to recover physically and mentally.

The real issue is, the coach only skated two lines. That's where the real problem is. it isn't the 50 games. It's the lack of proper recovery within the games.

Find a coach that is more focused on development and less on winning.

And 10U? Get out of town hockey and the coaches looking for hero worship that aggregate in the small pond.

Re: Too many games?

I agree team is way too small and games could have been scheduled alot smarter. I am ashamed to say most games we don't even have two lines.

Re: Too many games?

So he's on the ice 22 min a game? 44 min a weekend or 88 if your playing a 4-game tourney? And that's physically exhausting? He's a kid. Would hope he has a little more energy than playing a game for 88 minutes a weekend.

As for the mental side, he's only going to burn out mentally if you, the coach or both are sucking the fun out of it which is a much greater risk and higher probability than physical burnout.

Re: Too many games?

So 4 games this weekend short a player or two is ok? My kid is fine but im worried about his teammates. Games 39, 40, 41, and 42 just tell them to have fun and grind it out.

Re: Too many games?

You just confirmed that your the problem. Another helicopter parent sucking the life out of kids sports. I'm sure your complaining all weekend about the unbearable stress on the kids (except yours of course because yours is fine).

Put your kid in town hockey if it's too much, then your kid can have plenty of rest on the weekend playing on his computer and phone.

When you were a kid and when outside to play, did your parents make you come home every couple of hours to rest so you didn't get burned out? Is that where this comes from?

Re: Too many games?

Let me guess. The other teams in your league are progressing during the season and catching up to your team. Teams that you beat easily in October are now giving you a game or winning. Your first explanation is that your kids are tired. It might actually be something else.

Re: Too many games?

We are a hot mess.. two games today 1st game 8 kids and goalie. Played a top Valley team.. Had them 3-0 in third and lost 4-3. Second game 1 hr later against strong Valley team and goalie got sick at beginning of first..skated with 8 and no goalie.. Not how hockey should be played lost 7-2.

Re: Too many games?

And then what did you do?

Re: Too many games?

This is the HS DBoard go away