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Re: True?

Could see this from a mile away.

The parent of a kid toiling away on the 3rd/4th line (or even better, demoted to JV).

This guy seems like the complete DB package and you have to wonder if it\\\'s occurred to him how much this messes up his kids chances of having a half-decent H.S. hockey experience?
Except, you don\'t know that it\'s true. Just like we didn\'t know what happened on the bus.
but the facts are out there. nothing happened on the bus. Receipts from Panera, pictures of coolers with waters and emails telling all the players to pack accordingly. Everything about the bus issue is false and a lie.
No, you have one person's presentation of the facts. That person has an agenda, too.

There are always three sides to every story. Stunned any adult doesn't know that yet.

Re: True?

Town is full of guys like him. I live here and I can't stand it.