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Re: HS Playoff Picture?

Too funny. And according to the locals, the best team in Hingham's hockey program history a few years ago didn't even get the big Super 8 invite. And the kids couldn't care less about it.

Re: HS Playoff Picture?

That's true, the best team they've had but it was more of a mistake at the MIAA level. Beleive it or not the MIAA committee does get it wrong. HAHAHAHA:blush:

Re: HS Playoff Picture?

Get real. Hanover would lose by 4-5 goals against Hingham. That little D-2 / D-3 schedule Hanover plays is a laugher - Scituate, Pembroke, Plymouth South, Rockland. These D-2 teams talk a big talk until they actually see the difference with their own eyes. If you're that good then why didn't you schedule games against D-1 teams like Hingham does? Hingham is a D-2 or D-3 school who plays a D-1 hockey schedule. Heck those Catholic Conference teams would love to play a team like Hanover - pad the stats baby.
Hanover does play D1 schools - the beat Duxbury by two goals (4-2) while Hingham beat Duxbury 3-0. Problem is D1 schools have nothing to gain by playing D3 - if they win they are supposed to, if they lose its embarrassing. Just ask Weymouth who played Norwell a few years ago and lost handily.

Re: HS Playoff Picture?

I'm sure they'll get consideration they just won't get in-that joke of a schedule outweighs their record

Re: HS Playoff Picture?

Thanks Captain’s dad. Yeah, we know your kid is the captain and getting points. Congrats. Stop pounding your chest and yappibgvin the parking lot while you gas those Coor’s Lights before every game. They are a legit D2 or D2 team but certainly not a D1 team. Enjoy the ride story boy.

Re: HS Playoff Picture?

are you for real

Re: HS Playoff Picture?

When does the season end and they announce the teams? Do they not announce the D1 games until the Super 8 play in or does the losing team just get a D1 bye?

I would assume the D1 tourny starts 3/2, right?

Yup my kid is at a public HS...

Re: HS Playoff Picture?

Let me take a stab at it.

Teams with a better than .500 (or more than 50% of the available points actually) record qualify for some post season play in their respective division - so they know when they make it or not.

The 10 teams selected for the Super 8 are selected in a dark room with no windows in the basement of the MIAA HQ. Brilliant local hockey minds vote to assemble the 10 teams who make the tourny. The bottom 4 teams, 7-10 play a 'play-in game' to narrow the field to 8. The play-in losers drop down to their respective D-1 tournaments in the North of the South (and traditionally they proceed to win a game or two and flame-out never making it to The Garden).

The 8 remaining teams play best two out of three format to continue to the championship game.

For specific dates look at the lackluster MIAA website under 'hockey.'