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Re: New England Prep Schools

So do all schools let you know on the same day? Do they let you know FA at the same time?
Kids must get crushed. Then what, back to public or FS team. From reading these threads your better off not applying until junior year.
Good luck kids.
I would say if the parent doesn\'t know the difference between \"your\" and \"you\'re,\" yes, the spawn is better off waiting.

You. Don\'t. Go. To. Prep. School. For. Hockey.

Unless you are truly elite, (and those families aren\'t waiting for the March 10th release date to know if they are in, they have multiple schools vying for their kid) \"your\" not going to get a ton of help unless you would be getting it without the hockey. In which case the FA doesn\'t come with a guaranteed spot on the team.

I see it every year, all the families applying because their kid was \"recruited\" and then I see them in the summer and \"we decided it wasn\'t a good fit.\"

Translation: The kid wasn\'t recruited, or they couldn\'t afford their share.
Your punctuation is terrible. Too many periods in your sentence. You're a d i c k. Thanks for the lesson. Have you been through the process in the past 2 years. Would you consider multiple coaches calling your son every 2 weeks "recruiting"
If so, my son is being "recruited" and I have not heard about FA yet. I do agree with you though, if hockey is the main concern, stay away from Prep as there is to much homework to focus on crossovers.
Umm, yup. My kid is a Prep athlete. Earns honors there, too. Not the only one on the team, either. Not all hockey players are bad students that struggle with the work. Tougher coming out of a public middle school, though.

Hate to break it to you, Dad, but if the schools calling are top 20 NE Preps, and they are calling you, it's because you don't have an advisor. Your kid is what is called a "fallback." Everyone wants the elite athletes. Every one of those coaches that are calling has their eyes on the same list of kids.

The plan for your kid is to hold down a spot until the next recruiting class, which doesn't mean he'll actually play. And that's only if the one they're after turns them down. Good luck to you if you choose the same school as the kid they REALLY want.

My son has a "recruited" teammate that has played sparingly for three years now. I honestly don't know why he didn't transfer. Another was sent to JV for the past two years after the school fulfilled their promise he would be on Varsity for the "upcoming season."

It sucks out there. My advice to you is to stop thinking you have all the answers. Start asking REAL questions of people that have REAL answers and you can avoid making a bad choice.

Re: New England Prep Schools

If you were choosing a prep school based solely on the hockey coach (which we are not), is there a coach out there that is both trustworthy/honest, AND great at developing kids?

Re: New England Prep Schools

If you were choosing a prep school based solely on the hockey coach (which we are not), is there a coach out there that is both trustworthy/honest, AND great at developing kids?
Rivers (SM) would be top of the list. Gets the most out of his players. Milton (PD) seems similar although I do not know much about the coach. KUA(TW) too, but stacked!! PEA (DB) has been there forever and is always top of the pack. Heard he is a straight shooter.

Tilton seems to over recruit and is middle of the pack. To me that is a telltale sign.

In general stay away from Lakes Region ( KUA excluded). Beautiful settings but... Talk to coaches and look at teams that have success with the least amount of D1 Commits. To me that speaks volumes.

Good Luck

Re: New England Prep Schools

To the OP: I Talked to my son last night. Plays at a top 20 Prep (3rd year) and I asked if he was having any fun..Luckily for me, he said "Hell Ya!" You have to really talk to your kid before you make this move, he goes 6 days a week from 7:30am until at lest 11:00PM, Classes, Homework, Sports, Time for friends, Time for projects, Peer Pressue, etc..every second of everyday for just about the entire school year is mapped out and is a complete juggling act. Living at school is a life decision, not a hockey decision, and if you do go that route, there will be times you get that call at midnight with him on the other line asking to come home just for a few days. Last year he had a teammate go home on a Tuesday and never come back, kid wanted nothing to do with it, so make sure you dont have the blinders on and your son is 100% committed to doing this.
Good Luck