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Re: MIAA Division 1 Tourney

Recently I was talking to a dad of a Hingham player and he mentioned there are very few 'hockey players' left in the public schools. Meaning, yes they play hockey but they are mostly focused on other sports as their primary sport. Over the past 4-5 years their teams have had lacrosse players, soccer players, baseball players, football players, track athletes and just about everything else. The focused hockey players have moved on to prep or juniors and I think this is a common thread in the local high school status of the sport.

Re: MIAA Division 1 Tourney

The MIAA should be more involved with the hockey game and have goal judges, rather than have 30 MIAA personnel worrying about 8 dollars at the door.
Dont forget miaa is focused on cracking down on the big live barn. Make sure nobody skips a gate fee and watches a high school game for free. Including a parent traveling on business.

Re: MIAA Division 1 Tourney

CMass D3 semis last night had 2 refs, 1 linesman and goal judges.

Re: MIAA Division 1 Tourney

I was the OP. Happy for Hingham beating CC. Looks like the divide between some publics and catholics is really getting smaller. Is it worth spending the $15-$20k for the catholics just for hockey? Maybe, depending on what town you are from...

Have the catholics gotten lazy or complacent recruiting?

Re: MIAA Division 1 Tourney

I always thought it would go the other way but I was wrong. The families who put up the cash for hockey are now putting up the cash elsewhere - full season or prep. It was never about education as these schools are not that competitive academically so given the choice the CC schools are the odd ones out. Just a couple years ago I thought they would out-recruit publics by offering free or discounted tuition and win everything, but I was wrong. They might still win but it’s getting more even.