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Re: Super 8 #1 Seed Central Carholic O-U-T

That’s the point, you know they are going to be tight games and soft goals demoralize a team, which is exactly what happened last night. It should have been 1-1 late in the third, the CC goalie did not give them any chance to win.
I did not see the game but the goalie is certainly not the problem! Maybe he did not have a good game but he was MVP of that team ( and the league for that matter) and had a really good season. Sometimes the team has to bail out the goalie. Two goals scored in the last two games!! Seems like they have trouble scoring against the better teams. I think CC's biggest problem is playing in a weaker league that does not prepare them for the comparative grind of the Super 8

exactly. my team was knocked out 2-1. and while the 2 should have been 0 (aren't all goals preventable at some point) in the end scoring 1 is rarely going to get it done.

Re: Super 8 #1 Seed Central Carholic O-U-T

I was at the game. The CC goalie wasn't the issue. Maybe he should've had the SHG that gave PF the 2-1 lead. But the 1st goal was when a forward was left untouched in the crease and the 3rd goal was on a 3-1. CC generated little to no pressure on PF's sketchy goaltending.