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Re: BH goalie let's up 17 in USHL

Shhhhhh. What the locals don’t want you to know is it’s a loooong way from Marlboro MA to Cedar Rapids IA, or Kearny NB or....or.....
Tune into some of the MN state high school playoff games (and their 17,000 fans in the stands) and you tell me if you recognize that as high school or prep hockey.
The transition for the player from local hockey to USHL is difficult. For the goalie it is a NO WIN. USHL teams are gearing up for the playoffs . Goalies need time to adjust. Position players can play a handful of shifts and blend in. Gives the coaches an opportunity to get an advance showing.

As far MN HS hockey. Our top Preps would do fine just as Shattucks does fine playing their All Star teams in the Fall. I do agree the brand is far SUPERIOR and I would give my left nut to give my kids an opportunity to play in that environment. That is the way it is supposed to be in HS!!