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Re: Full season

Not all USPHL teams offer equal value, although the top-5 are usually good every year. Agree that the rest of the league is a toss up with NAPHL and ECEL.
SASKS and York Skipjacks provide a very different development model and may be worth considering. Everyone\'s very familiar with Selects Academy, but Skipjacks are lesser known. Their track record for moving kids on to next level the last 4 years is hard to argue, if that\'s what you\'re shooting for.

Since the OP mentioned PA to begin with, billeting in York may be a reasonable option.
I'm told I'm pretty smart. I can't find any mention of PA in the OP's post, or any other for that matter.
Ya - pretty smart. Post on 3/11 @ 7:28 appears to be OP providing some background on his kid. In that post, he mentioned he's considering other non-NE options like Pens Elite and Gentry. I'm not that smart, but I believe Pens Elite is located in PA.