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Re: RI HS is dead as well

Not sure I see the correlation here. You may want to rethink it. The problem with HS has NOTHING to do with D3 hockey. The problem with HS hockey is poor coaching, which leads to NO development. If you rethink your position, you would realize the result would be an INCREASE in FS club teams, and weaken HS hockey even more.

Think about it. Where do most public HS kids play in the fall? Bad 1/2 season teams coached by daddy's. Where do prep kids play? Legit programs coached by Prep coaches. The public HS player moves from a bad 1/2 season to a science teacher teaching dump and chase, big hit hockey. Result? Goon, no skill, terrible hockey. Throw in the boosters volunteer parents or legacies, and even more benders make the team. So, the player gets 16 practices and 16 games for bad 1/2 season hockey followed by bad public HS hockey that consists of 36 practices and 20 games. That's a total of 52 practices and 36 games from Sept - Feb.

For a 15 or 16 yr old with skill and a has a chance to play college at 19, well, the 100 practices and 70+ games with real coaches with better players is a MUCH better option. Keep in mind that most HS's have a few studs, a bunch of duds, and a few in the middle. The better players DON'T benefit from practicing with the coach's buddies kids who can't catch a pass but ride pine on 3rd or 4th line as a favor. Not even close from a development standpoint. Hockey is also a game of muscle memory and repetition. Logic and basic math tells you the 88 skates a kid gets playing HS vs. 170 with his club team playing with and against similar skill level is a way better option, if a kid wants to develop.

So, lower the age of D3 hockey player eligibility, you basically just increase the FS participation.

Strange you can't see it that way. Be happy you don't work for me or you'd have more time to hang on the DBoard trying to convince others that HS can be revived.

Re: RI HS is dead as well

Personally I see nothing wrong with the current situation. Let the true studs move onto FS and give the good/average kids who are going to hang up the skates at graduation a chance to play for their school and in front of families and friends. The quality of play may suffer a bit but H.S. hockey will survive.

Re: RI HS is dead as well

Agree. If you apply basic economic prinicles, more club team will actually force HS hockey to improve.

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