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High School & Prep Hockey
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Re: Prep School Decisionsa.

Truth is if you are a middle class white family and your kid is a B+ student and plays 2-3 sports you have no shot at affording prep school. You end up making to much for good financial, but if you are poor as dirt and have some behavioral problems, then you have a good chance at getting in and getting the grant you need. System is broken, but diversity is what they are looking for...GO BOY SCOUTS!
Dirt poor and a stud athlete, good student and character with great potential then yes, they will many times give you a lit of aid. Behavoral problems? Not so much!! Unless it is a specialized school which typically are not the ones with strong athletic programs.

Something tells me you were not pleased with your awards package?
Luckily we did receive what we needed right on the number but so many good kids/ families did not. 25-30k is impossible for any middle class family.

Re: Prep School Decisionsa.

Going back a few weeks in this thread, but I love how people think that simply sitting in class with future power brokers at a prep school is somehow going to help your son's career. The same way playing on a team with a D1 commit is going to make your player more attractive to an NHL team. You either have the skills and the drive to succeed or you don't, in sports and in business.

Re: Prep School Decisionsa.

Very true!