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High School & Prep Hockey
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Re: advice

What r u a priest? CC means Catholic Central too. Some CCL teams like AP, SJS and PF are better than CC teams like X, CM and omg last year MC. Hilarious u think yr bender is better than pub hs player just bc his CC JV uniform.
Exactly, Also play each other in non-league games pretty much every year. I think he was more trying to point out that there are some younger defensemen that can hang at the D1 level and not ride the pine like some people seem to think.

Re: advice

I have an 04, played EHF elite this past year and did very well. Do you still see kids doing a year or 2 of public school and then making the jump to prep or do they usually stay with their Full Season team and continue at the public school. Next year he will be with his u14 full season team and maybe play HS if its an option.
Yes you see kids go to public HS and then head to prep to repeat junior year (if it's a good ISL school at least which is my personal definition of prep) Picking between full season teams and high school is a personal choice for you & your kid. Most likely you aren't going to know about prep until after his junior season and if prep doesn't materialize, he'll have missed out on some fun experiences but the plus for FS is development. It's hard to argue that kids develop more in full season programs.

Trying to do both HS and FS can be very difficult, think it through before you do it.

Does your freshman have an honest shot at varsity? If he does, how good is the hockey?
Does the coach play more than two lines? If not, does your kid stand a shot as top 6 forward or top 4 D?
Does the varsity coach allow kids to take their gear out of the locker room after practices/games?
What time does freshman/jv/varsity practice?

If you sign up for both, HS must be the priority, even if he's just sitting on the bench. Part of the reason why FS is so much better for development.

Re: advice

I have two boys. Same dilemma as yours. Older one went the high school route. Totally flatlined. Younger one is a sophomore and has played full season club. Can’t even compare the two. Development way better at full season. Real development takes place at 14, 15 and 16. Let the kids play where he wants just keep in mind that if he plays high school his game will get worse not better. daddy coach in the fall and a high school science teacher in the winter will not make your kid better. The quality of high school hockey is so bad that the habits kids create playing it will ruin their game

Re: advice

Guy is 100% correct, top to bottom.

If the end-goal is realistic and aimed toward playing in college then you move on to F.S.; if the kid get playing time (again, usually as a forward) as a freshmen / sophomore then two years high school and then off to prep for a repeat year or then off to a real f.s. team. Staying in high school hockey does less than zero for the kid's game and there are tons of examples of the 'all-region' 14 year old players flaming-out before their senior year of h.s. hockey. Bad hockey, bad habits, bad coaching only pushes the kid's game one direction and that is down.

Re: advice

if the kid is clearly one of the better players or dominant in HS his first 2 years, move on to a prep or JR team if that's what the kid wants to do.

However, the kid better be a very good/dominant player to even have a chance of playing in college. If not, that's ok as well. Stay in HS, enjoy it, have fun.

If you try to force it and make it happen and the kids really not that good, you're just going to spend a lot of money chasing your tail.