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Re: Midget tourney formats

How many game minutes, compared to standard 54 minutes of stop time?

Did your coach use 18/19 skaters, fairly equally?

We played 4 standard games per showcase weekend in the T1EHL. That's 208 minutes of stop time play in three days. It was a lot, but hardly dangerous.

Re: Midget tourney formats

If spread out over 3 days, 4 ok. It’s the 5 or 6 that get old.

Re: Midget tourney formats

If spread out over 3 days, 4 ok. It’s the 5 or 6 that get old.
Ah. So now it has gone from "borderline dangerous" for the players to "getting old" for dad.

Re: Midget tourney formats

Midget hockey has fallen victim to the same problem as youth. Too many teams at the “club” level. Awful hockey. Even worse, now u18’s riddled with u16’s because “they will be playing older kids during the HS season so they need to get used to the size and speed”

Hogwash! That is not contributing to development and confidence. Feeling comfortable and creative is what helps a kid. Not keeping up, holding the puck for any length of time or impacting the game won’t help a kid. It will only hurt him.