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Re: 04 Nationals

Yea pretty funny that the smallest kid in tourney a former TG player who plays for the BJR's had as many goals as the leading goal scorer from TG.
The only person who noticed this was dad, so thanks for sharing with everyone pops.

Re: 04 Nationals

I gotta go with Top Gun. Looking strong in their own tournament called U14 Prep Prospects by going winless and struggling to score goals against a weak field. The only prospects there were the SSK's who wasted their time rolling everyone there. Heard there was toilet paper in the bathroom tho for all those prep coaches attending.
SSK tying TPG wasn't wasting their time. HAHAHAHA

Re: 04 Nationals

Even the blind squirrel gets lucky here and's hockey ever here of a goalie stealing one?

Re: 04 Nationals

A 24 Goal Differential in 6 games is clearly a waste of time.