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High School & Prep Hockey
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Re: HS Coops

I heard the same thing from a parent this summer. The coop schools often switch, so you might drop a partner that had weak players and pick up a new school partner that had more talent. Generally coops are only at smaller Div II Div III schools.

Re: HS Coops

Yes, the latest powerhouse is DS-Weston. Starting lineup of Hunter, Tucker and Sterling up front with Biff and Finn holding up the back end and Blain between the pipes!

Question here is how many Land Rovers will be at those games?

Terrible hockey with these type situations. Good players in these type situations play Prep or Club. Stick to chess club boys.

Re: HS Coops

All of the DS-Weston talent already at Nobles, Rivers, St.Sebs or other local preps.