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Re: 16 Goals

Dexter top line on the ice in last minute.. ridiculous. Donato should be embarrassed

Re: 16 Goals

Not feeling the 'Donato Love' this week. Always have to laugh, those guys had 20 years to teach Ryan to be half of a two way player an couldn't. Then the kid gets drafted ahead of his projected place (according to their own scouts) by a GM trying to get his own kid into Harvard by a team that places 'defense first' (unless you're Torey Krug) and then they 'find a spot for him' on the Olympic team and then they lure him out of school with a contract and try to coach him up for two years and guess what? Kid STILL can't play outside of his own end and STILL can't pass the puck.

And no hanging 16 on a team and trying to pad the stats of his players. . . Coach, take a lap.

Re: 16 Goals

The guy is ****** that his kid got sent to Minnesota. Hee’s Taking it out on tier 2 prep teams

Re: 16 Goals

You should get your facts straight before you pop off..he is his nephew.

Re: 16 Goals

Absolutlely ****** off. Why let facts get in the way?

Re: 16 Goals

Looks like dexter could have used some of those goals today as they got bounced. Hockey God Karma.