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Re: Commitments today

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"leave for NCDC or USHL\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"? At this point?

This isn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t youth hockey. It doesn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t quite work like that.
Thinking the same thing. I know Belmont Hill, Thayer and Cushing all loosing a few current players and others have backed out from enrolling but I have not heard where they are going.
Idiot. Players leave HS/Prep all the time to go to USHL etc and ether complete HS online or go to a local HS...
All the time? So all the time bubble kids leave prep to go to their local high school? You sure? Yes, the better players 2 or 3 per team at most may leave for USHL but dont make it sound like 3rd and 4th liners are jumping ship to go to public. oh yeah..idiot
I think what poster is trying to say is that USHL and likely most jr teams have a local high school available to their players who have not graduated and prefer in person classes over online. My nephew played for Madison and had that option. NTDP kids also have that option. Remarkable how so many on this board have no clue.

Re: Commitments today

The poster is an idiot for thinking that the USHL, the best junior league in the country, with drafts, tenders and main camps already over, will welcome random high school kids at the 11th hour?

Again, you don't understand the process. Its almost September. Unless the player is a 1%'er, someone already very high on their radar, above what they already have, too bad. Not going to happen. Drafts, tenders, camps and tryouts are done.

And BTW, it's "either" not "ether" genius.

Re: Commitments today

I really do not understand some of this. I am not surprised that some hockey guys would back out of prep to move to a different opportunity. There is so much movement in minor hockey these days that it stands to reason the same factors are at play, mainly parent ego. Once a school has you locked in there is probably not enough attention paid and if someone else comes along and pumps your tires then I guess its your money and time... I think you make your opportunity where ever you go so, as long as he can still play, the decision should be best fit, not what will you do for me or how or where will you play him. Coming on here and talking about kids leaving like prep is a sinking ship is laughable. I am sure you want to believe that but most of these schools have been around prior to the last major world wide pandemic (Spanish flu).
I am sure they will be fine.

Re: Commitments today

Same guys who will tell you these commits mean nothing are out there committing kids. It is a messed up and confusing process for kids. Kids only know internet, twitter, Instagram etc. Its where they get most their news from. I totally understand how a kid after seeing all these names committing to teams would get down or wonder what they are not doing.
Talk to College Hockey Inc. they are great and have tons of real information. Most real commitments don\'t happen until 18/19 years old. Think of life as a marathon, there are always a bunch of people who go sprinting right off the start to get on TV. The guys that finish strong pace themselves, and believe in their ability. It doesn\'t make any of these kids better than any others, and even if they were, there are 3 to 4 years to go before it really matters. No school is going to take them if they drop off. Hang in their to all the unchosen, its way more fun rooting for you than the entitled.

Thank you sir. Talked to my parents and coach last night for a long time. Going to keep grinding it out and see what happens, I love the game, my teammates, just hate how the process works one way for some and differently for the rest of us.
I'm just glad I was there for you son, love you