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Re: New to Prep


>Sorry you were not "advised" properly by your guy with 30 years in the business. McDonald's has been in business for more >than 60 years. Still has below average food.

Sorry your kid is still working at McDonald's after graduating at 20 from prep.

Someone's feelings got hurt...

Re: New to Prep

Not advised poorly at all. Just don't buy the amount of BS spewed by people on here. My son is just fine and I am more than happy paying what I pay. Could be less but also could be more. I don't doubt that some schools for some players will find ways around the formulas to incentivize families to chose their school. My issue is that this is not the norm. Those spots are for very elite players and most likely 1 to 2 year guys. It is a much smarter and safer expectation that you will need to pay and it will be more based on income than hockey. The hockey might help you get by the academics to make a case for acceptance. I dont pay people to give me advice if my kid is good enough he will get there and open his own doors. He has so far and I would trust the gentlemans advice who deals with the schools yearly over this forum.

Re: New to Prep

You are spot on! My son goes to an isl school and we recieved financial aid that allowed us to send our son to the school. We still pay quite a bit but feel it is well worth it given all the opportunities available there. My 2 cents, if your child talented enough in what ever they do that they can get into one of these schools, send them! You will not regret it.

Re: New to Prep

T Rump
Fake news! Nobody is paying 10k for prep.
Maybe the school doesn't think your kid is as good as you think he is...